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The School House

Our classes are housed in our newly constructed education center--a well-lit, home-like space carefully designed to meet the needs of preK and elementary children. It includes:

  • classroom spaces,

  • a cozy, well-stocked library,

  • an art studio and makerspace,

  • a block and small world play area

  • puzzles and board games

  • writing and drawing centers

  • an open porch

  • a large, fenced-in outdoor pasture

Outdoor Play Spaces

Children play and learn outdoors daily in one of the rich play spaces on the 17-acre property (named by the children):

  • "The Yard"

Children have free access all day to a fenced in outdoor classroom connected to the schoolhouse.

  • "Down-the-hill"

Children visit a large play area and pavilion every morning that includes several climbing structures, den-building areas, a mud kitchen, a stage, a ball field, and more.

  • An Obstacle Course

Children practice balancing, climbing, and team-building on a large obstacle course.

  • "Nature Playground"

A wooded trail around a creek gives children access to forest adventures and creeking.

Farm Life

Our diverse, sustainable farm features everything from fruit and veggie production to free range chickens and pastured sheep, from wild harvested medicines to culinary mushrooms.

Working with Weston, our Nature & Entrepreneurship teacher, students learn to garden, forage, husband animals, and discover value in the natural world from building structures to building fires. Real life examples stimulate interest in and reinforce lessons learned in natural sciences, entrepreneurship, art, communication, math, natural history, literature, and more.

The Grounds

The school is hosted by Solid Ground Farm (SGF) in the rolling hills of Athens County. The 17-acre homestead farm and education center models sustainable agriculture practices, environmental stewardship, and conscious management of natural resources through participation with nature. Since 2008, SGF has hosted summer day camps, outdoor recreation events, and educational workshops.

Its facilities, gardens, pastures, orchards, forests, and recreational features present a wide array of learning opportunities in all seasons and allow participants to experience and interact with nature in its many forms. SGF presents opportunities for students to engage with farm life, learn practical skills and responsibilities, develop entrepreneurial projects, and experience the rhythms of the seasons.

An indoor view of the home-like environment of the old school house.