Support Us


It takes a village to raise a child and Solid Ground School relies on the support of its members and community. Please explore the various ways to help out below.

  • Donate to our scholarship fund and help set children in need on a path of lifelong learning and success.
  • Donate to our school improvement fund and help us to develop our infrastructure and to offer a world class education to the youth of Southeast Ohio.

Monetary donations can be processed online here or physically sent to: Solid Ground School, 13262 Liars Corner Rd, Millfield, OH 45761. For more information contact Weston Lombard, Director of Operations at 740-856-6299 or

Want to get involved in another way?

Consider attending one of our quarterly work parties to help develop and maintain our educational gardens and orchards and to improve our play grounds and learning environment.

Join our mailing list to receive updates on work parties and other events.

Purchase a book or other item from one of our wishlists or donate a gently used item (additional list below):

We also appreciate donations of tools of all kinds, arts and craft supplies, books, and other educational materials and tools of our culture to furnish our studio workshop, garden sheds, and classrooms. We value natural materials, handmade objects, and locally sourced goods. Look below to see our current wish list and let us know if you have anything in good, working condition that you would like to contribute.

Wish list:

  • shelving units and other furniture for storage
  • riding lawnmower
  • child-sized chairs
  • clipboards
  • garden tools in good condition
  • hand drills and tenon cutters
  • bow saws
  • wooden blocks, arches, or planks
  • magnatiles
  • legos (small blocks) & lego plates
  • keva blocks
  • digital cameras
  • light table
  • natural storage, display, and sorting containers--natural baskets, wooden/bamboo bowls, trays, silverware organizers, etc.
  • glass baby food jars, other sizes of glass jars
  • clear plastic pretzel containers (from bulk food depot) or other clear storage containers
  • shoe boxes and copy paper boxes for storage
  • large totes/bins
  • microscopes
  • wagons (child-sized or full-sized)
  • child-sized wheelbarrows
  • watering cans
  • easy-care potted plants
  • display cabinet
  • rolling carts
  • leftover paper (blank on at least one side)
  • non-toxic art supplies
  • large bulletin boards
  • paper cutter
  • towels
  • small glasses, cups, mugs, and plates (glass, corelle, or ceramic)
  • large, clean, simple rugs
  • measuring tools--scales, tape measures, rain gauges, rulers, etc.
  • large ribbon loom
  • date stamp (able to be current)
  • bar soap tray/holder
  • face clocks
  • colored tissue paper
  • spools of leftover ribbon
  • yarn
  • darning needles
  • knitting needles in midrange sizes
  • leftover fabric
  • butterfly cages
  • letter tiles
  • board games for children
  • dominoes
  • smooth stones of varying sizes
  • wine corks
  • glass "gemstones" (but no marbles needed, thanks!)
  • beads
  • bolts
  • nuts
  • washers
  • driftwood
  • seaglass
  • bottlecaps
  • foreign coins
  • marker caps
  • wooden thread spools
  • pulleys
  • picnic blankets
  • hammocks
  • handbrooms, short-sized brooms, dustpans
  • flashlights
  • vegetable peelers & microplaners
  • cardboard tubes
  • birdfeeders
  • birdseed
  • winter accessories (gloves, mittens, hats, wool socks, etc.) & fleece jackets or flannel shirts in sizes 3-10.
  • backpacks, especially water resistant ones
  • crates
  • picture frames
  • trays

Please contact Weston Lombard with any questions.