Help Us Grow

Solid Ground School is a 501(c)3 non-profit. All donations made to SGS are tax deductible. We are happy to provide a receipt at your request. Please contact our administrator at for more information.

We're Growing on Solid Ground

Our school made a promise to our families: grow with the children until at least 6th grade.

When Solid Ground first opened, we only went through 2nd grade. We've kept most of those 2nd graders as they've grown. By 2023, we hope to accommodate a 6th grade class. Our families are now asking us to keep going!

With your donation, we can add new, talented teachers and keep our promise to offer transformative education into the middle years. Help us to keep Solid Ground School growing, so that it can be here to guide and inspire children throughout their whole education. Please consider a donation today to help us grow on Solid Ground.

Young friendships blossom
Our older students don't want to leave!
Thanks to our supporters, our larger school house has become a reality!
Our youngest students run with joy on the porch of the new school house.

We're Growing on Solid Ground

Thanks to your past support and the dedication of our founders, we constructed a new solar-powered school house to expand our operations.

The center features additional classrooms, a library, an art studio, and more space to serve more children and their families.

This education center not only ensures the future growth of Solid Ground School, it allows for the expansion of Solid Ground's vision through its partner organizations, Solid Ground Farm and Rising Appalachia.

Help us to inspire and empower ourselves – and the next generation – as we learn through experience that we are all in this together and that, through thoughtful collaboration, we will reach our potential as individuals, global citizens, and participants in the earth’s ecosystems. Please consider a donation today to help us grow on Solid Ground.

Life on Solid Ground

Imagine a transformative, community school that meaningfully connects each of us to one another and to the land that supports us.

Fruit and nuts hang from the forested canopy and vegetables rise from the earth; you browse as you stroll along the ridgetop, watching butterflies flit from flower to flower; kids catch fish and frogs from a small pond, while others gather chicken eggs, or purposefully stack stumps and logs to build the day’s new playscape.

Children run joyfully across the landscape, while others gather around a small table, learning with the teacher. Laughter, songs, and learning fill the area. This is how a day goes on Solid Ground – one we look forward to sharing with you and with all who visit Southeast Ohio.

At Solid Ground, we are growing connections: between children, families place, and our natural word, as we seek to create a home for transformative education: one that is based on belonging, creativity, and active engagement with the world. Through our school, we seek to build an educational model that gives children and families the skills and support they need to make meaning and purpose throughout their lives.

Help us share the bounty of the farm with more people

If donating online isn't your cup of tea, monetary donations can also be physically mailed to:

Solid Ground School, 13262 Liars Corner Rd, Millfield, OH 45761.

Please note on your donation whether you intend the donation for the tuition assistance fund, the building campaign, or for the general school fund.

For more information contact Weston Lombard, Director of Operations at 740-856-6299 or