At Solid Ground, we believe that play, curiosity, and authentic human connection feed the human spirit.  Every day, we challenge children to think deeply and solve problems so that they are empowered to be the creators of their own education.  Rooted in the natural world, their curiosity grows, their bodies become stronger, and their spirits are nourished.  We bring children and families together to work, think, and learn in respectful community.  When children grow deep, strong roots, they grow strong branches that unfold into a beautiful, interconnected canopy of community. 

Solid Ground School is a 501c3 non-profit governed by a Board of Directors.  Solid Ground’s pre-K and elementary learning pod program uses hands-on project-based learning to foster in children a growing awareness of their own competency.  Our seasonal family-oriented events and outreach programs hope to spread more widely our vision of children secure in themselves, engaged in their communities, active in our world.