Welcome to Solid Ground!

Solid Ground School is a place-based, progressive learning community where children, families, and educators can grow deep. 

We believe that when individuals are actively engaged in their learning, supported in critical thinking and community building, and rooted in the natural world, they will flourish and become conscientious, creative problem solvers able to face the challenges of an uncertain future. This approach is especially essential in childhood, a brief and precious time of wonder and growth, during which we form lasting beliefs about ourselves and the world. 

Solid Ground’s pre-K and elementary program uses hands-on project-based learning to foster in children a growing awareness of their own competency.  Our experienced and qualified Lead Teachers serve students in grades PreK-6 in our full-service homeschooling learning pod.  Through our seasonal family-oriented events and community focus, we hope to spread more widely our vision of children secure in themselves, engaged in their communities, active in our world.

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